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Places – People – Things to avoid in Chennai

By on February 26, 2015
chennai centrl railway station

Chennai, formerly known as Madras is a beautiful city with a mix of traditional and hi-tech culture. It is famous for its temples, famous Marina beach and off-course a mouth watering foods like idly, dosa and its traditional coffee.

Broken Bridge / ECR Road / Beach Side (Dark Hours)

Chennai is famous for it’s beaches and East Coast Road (ECR) is the happening side of Chennai. but it’s all during daytime, during the night time it’s a different story and safe for individuals / couples. So if you happen to be at these places best thing would be to move in groups.

Auto Rickshaws ( without Meter ) / Bus Conductors ( without exact Change )

Boarding auto rickshaw without meter in Chennai, is a risky act. Though the driver looks kind and negotiable, but you will come to see his real face and slang of him only after arriving to the destination when he complains about traffic and other reasons for demanding extra bucks. Apart from meter checking make sure you are checking few more things like drunkard driver, its common in Chennai but I strongly suggest you to avoid the drunken drivers at any cost and especially during the dark hours.

Keep yourself away from the rude bus drivers of MTC buses. if you don’t have proper change better to forget about boarding a bus or be ready for abusive language unless it’s your lucky day. The worst part is that they often de-board passengers who don’t have exact passenger irrespective of passengers situation, age or gender.

Neither these conductors nor MTC officials give a damn about such complaints.

Cheap Hotels / Cheap Restaurants / TASMAC Liquor Shops

The above mentioned places are not a concern of safety, but its a matter hygiene as these places are crowded. The services or the ingredients used as of very low quality.

For those who are new to Chennai, let me tell you that the TASMAC (TamilNadu State Marketing Corporation) is a Govt. of Tamilnadu liquor shops. I bet you can’t even dare of stepping into these.

Apart from the above mentioned My personal pick of No-go place in Chennai would be Devi Kala theatre, on mount road as they charge decent ticket amount of Rs95 for a home theater sized screen with rusty seats.

Don’t forget to comment about your experiences and no-go places / things to avoid in Chennai, which might turn helpful for our fellow tourists.

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